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Check out the song ‘ Itsu Datte Kimi Ni ‘. We will take out the problematic parts, and will replace it with super sonic training plane T developed by Korea. Back then when the new went out about the 2, JunJin was doing his Asia tour. And he was only back in Korea on 21st June. After he returned, he had posted up the photos of Lee Si Young on his minihompy showing his love for his girlfriend. I wish both of them will be together forever… Hope that Crown J and Seo Inyoung will be couple in real life too…. SNSD has enough antis already, its too bad. Anyways, well SM should have done a better job inspecting the pictures.

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After nearly a week since her breakup with JunJin was announced by their management agencies, actress Lee Si Young has now revealed her thoughts about it. At the filming set for her movie, Descendants of Hong Gil Dong on the 9th, Lee Si Young had been wearing a smile on her face in the interview until she was asked about her breakup with JunJin, as she tensed up immediately and looked flustered.

She said, “I don’t really wish to go into the reasons as to why we had broken up.

Jun Jin was flustered by a question about his ex-girlfriend Lee Si-young. Singer actor Im Chang-jung, Jun Jin, rapper Zion.T and singer Hwang.

Masks hold images of pandemic, Hong Kong protests. Life goes on amid coronavirus pandemic Part 8. Comet Neowise in the sky. It won’t be back for 6, years. Not wearing a mask is not an option. Lee Si-young, third from left, plays a tomboy body guard who falls in love with a baseball star played by Lee Dong-wook, right. Claiming that the fight was an exercise in self-defense, their love-hate relationship blossoms.

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Lee Si-young is a South Korean model, actress and amateur boxer. Born into a middle class family, Lee was always interested in rising above her middle class upbringing to do something worthwhile in her life. She indulged herself in boxing during her school days, which also helped her in achieving a toned physic, which further resulted in a lot of modelling and acting offers. Apart from winning several awards for her boxing skills in the 48 kg category, she has won awards for her acting skills as well.

The couple became the most famous celebrity couple on the show and dated for six months off screen, before parting ways.

Born in , LEE Si-young majored in fashion design. news broke out that her make-believe couple with K-pop star Jun Jin had carried over to real life. She nonetheless kept practicing boxing as her hobby and even won a few national.

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Lee Si Young Caught Lying to Jay Park

He debuted as a dancer and rapper in Shinhwa in but started singing small parts in ; the release of Shinhwa’s 5th album. He debut as a solo artist in November with single Love Doesn’t Come. His father remarried, but the two divorced during Jun Jin’s teenage years. His father’s third wife proved to be a loving mother as she took care of Jun Jin and his younger sister like her own children. She also located Jun Jin’s birth mother and reconnected the two.

Bae Yong-joon, Bae Jin-hee, Bae Yongjoon, Ahn , Ahn So-young, Jun Ji-hyun, Jun Jin or Shinhwa, Jun Kwang-ryul, Jung Da-bin, Jung Ho-keun, Min-jung, Lee Min-woo, Lee Moonsik, Lee Na-young, Lee Sabi, Lee Se-eun.

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Management companies issuing legitimate release that they both were indeed together. There was even talks of doing press conference. They matched their Cyworld, posted pictures of them together, etc. Basically, neither was shy to express their good feelings toward the other. And I was just happy that Junjin found someone he liked, especially since I do like Siyoung too as an entertainer. And now, barely 6 months later, apparently they have broken up.

Just as public their beginnings were, it seems their ending is just as publicly reported. Only this time, the deal went smoothly. Get the reference? Because at the time, Siyoung was just a newbie on her way to promoting new projects and gain more popularity and Junjin had a new album coming out, also in need of public attention. I expressed this voice of doubt to a fellow Junjin fan too. The reasoning behind this hesitance is because for one, Junjin is used to be highly private about his personal life and love.

Even if there had been rumours of his entanglement with someone, he never confirmed anything.

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K-actress Lee Shi Young, fresh off the completion of her recent drama Lookout , has announced that she is getting married to her boyfriend at the end of September and the two are expecting their first child together. Lee Shi Young is 4 months pregnant and found out during the filming of the drama, and after wrapping production the parents-to-be consulted with both families and set the wedding date for a little over two months from now. I can see a bit of blow back from gossip earlier this week that she was planning to get married in the fall, which her agency refuted immediately but a few days later has turned out to be true.

Although they had denied that they were in love back in April, singer JunJin (aka Park Choong Jae) and actress Lee Si Young have admitted to.

SEOUL – When romantic actress Lee Si-young swapped her glamorous roles in South Korean dramas for boxing gloves in a bid to win an Olympic medal, her victories triggered a storm of protest that has marred her unexpected success in the ring. The year-old, better known for her roles in TV shows such as “Wild Romance” and “Boys Before Flowers”, had tears of joy in her eyes when she defeated year-old Kim Da-som by 22 points to 20 in the 48 kg lb class at the South Korean national team tryouts in late April.

Her win, however, triggered a bitter battle in which the Korean Amateur Boxing Federation KABF was accused of giving Lee an unfair advantage in a bid to use her celebrity status to boost its fan base at the expense of the sweat and passion of her relatively unknown opponent. The boxing federation, though, said that selecting who is going to represent the nation cannot be manipulated or bribed.

Lee’s face is quite clean – no major bruises or swelling. Lee, who has been boxing since , and her manager declined to comment, despite multiple attempts to contact them. They referred inquiries to officials at the Incheon City Boxing club, where she is a member. If people think she won because she is pretty, then this is rather a reverse discrimination against her,” said Oh Jeong-kyu, assistant manager at the Incheon club.

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