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While websites run by Palico and Artivest are increasing in popularity, their full potential is limited by federal regulations that prohibit private companies from listing asset prices in public, according to Antoine Drean, founder of Palico. Palico began in matching asset allocators with private-equity firms, as well as investors seeking to buy or sell stakes in buyout funds. Having a clear, full view of the market is a big deal to institutional investors, who remain dissatisfied with the transparency they receive from private-equity firms, according to data room provider Intralinks. This is really just the beginning. Palico has more than accredited limited partners from more than firms as members, plus more than accredited private-equity managers, according to a spokesman for the firm. Artivest, which was founded in , received a round of funding from private-equity firm KKR and venture-capital investors including Peter Thiel in He said the firm is gaining traction in the marketplace because its technology and user interface make the allocation process easier.

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The date is livestreamed and the audience can comment, livechat with the matchmaker, and even vie for the attention of the dating participants with virtual gifts. In particular, the combination of livestreaming, entertainment, and matchmaking has added new unexplored dimensions to the online dating experience.

The opportunity for young people to express themselves and also find likeminded people in a fun and safe online, social networking environment is a huge opportunity for Yidui. We are excited to be part of this journey with the Yidui team. Sky9 Capital is an early-stage focused venture capital firm investing in internet, enterprise and deep-tech sectors in China. For more information, please visit www.

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Want to join a student startup? Have an idea, but need a partner? This is the night for you. We invest in university-based companies, and are led by student investors. The fund is backed by Founders Factory. The evening will start with three live pitches with feedback from the audience, and then a matchmaking session to meet startups and founders working on exciting ideas across Oxford.

Wine and snacks provided. Dr Stuart Wilkinson gives advice on business ideas and how to manage them. Learn more. What you need to know about the ownership of your idea.

A Matchmaker Who Introduces VCs to Startups in NYC’s Silicon Alley

Is it possible to predict in advance if a particular CEO will work well with venture capitalists? Or are conflicts between the two sides inevitable? The first 20 minutes of my diagnostic interview with John not his real name nearly put me to sleep. His software could do this; his software could do that; his software could do everything a human-resources director could ask, with the exception of getting new hires in the door.

So why, I kept asking myself, if his software was the miracle tool that he claimed, did John ask to meet with me to see if I could help him control the panic attacks he was suffering in anticipation of taking his start-up public? When I pushed him, the reason he was visiting me became clear: John loathed, and to some extent feared, the idea that he was about to lose control of his business to a board of directors imposed on him as a condition of getting the venture capital he needed to go public.

At Catalyze we help entrepreneurs with our Seed & Venture support to connect to investors that match their needs, preferences and goals. Contact us.

At Park City Bookkeepers we care about empowering business owners, sustainable growth and making a difference. Sometimes we are a coach and trainer helping a business get better and sometimes we are a matchmaker finding the right partner, investor, or distributor. We help companies grow and master change. We have developed a unique and successful process to determine which funding avenue, whether it be bank financing or venture capital is right for your business.

With our vast experience helping small business finding the right capital , our team can help you find the right capital partner for your business. Contact us today to see how we can get you the best value for your business. Click here to learn more about our Bank Financing service. Want to learn more about venture capital? If you have a problem and call Eric, he is always available and helps you out with your bookkeeping problem.

He treats you in a professional way and he takes care of your books fast and accurately.

Trade, Investment and Matchmaking Missions

At Catalyze we help entrepreneurs to connect to investors that match their needs, preferences and goals. Whether your company is just incorporated, in seed stage or working towards a Series A or B, there are investors willing to invest in your assets. With our of investors we support early, mid and late stage companies throughout the Life Sciences spectrum. Catalyze is here to work with you on preparing and optimizing investor-ready material, to identify and connect you to the right investors and to support you in the term sheet negotiation and due diligence process.

In close collaboration with other advisors such as lawyers, finance , Catalyze provides support in:.

The rise of private market networks is changing the capital markets and opening up Let’s look at early-stage venture capital as one example.

In recent decades, industrialized countries have developed a number of direct instruments to help their national companies become active in the developing world. In matchmaking and similar business-partnering programmes, the sponsoring organization generally provides technical or financial assistance to private-sector partners in order to foster cooperation and help the companies to develop a profitable relationship.

Most of the matchmaking and partnering programmes are aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs in the industrialized and developing countries. Experience in rich as well as poor countries shows that the potential of SMEs to have a substantial impact on the development process is much greater than that of micro-enterprises. All of these programmes are relatively new.

PPP was set up in , though it has expanded rapidly, matching more than projects to date. Norwegian companies which are looking for a partner in a developing country submit a profile to the coordinating centre in Norway, which reviews it and sends it to a corresponding centre in the host country.

The New Financial Matchmakers

Business models evolve with time, sometimes due to changes in the market and sometimes due to advent of technology, resulting in emergence of new exciting trends. We at Tracxn closely track the startup ecosystem from across the world and we have come across a whole lot of interesting new themes which are gaining popularity, one of them being Matchmaking Platforms. Globally there are Matchmaking Platforms companies, and here is the list of the 10 most interesting ones:.

Online matrimony service. Claims to have 2. As of August pre-IPO , Bessemer owns close to 10 per cent stake, Canaan owns around 23 per cent and Mayfield owns around 11 per cent stake in the company.

DataMarketServices (DMS), is a H coordination and support action with the objective to overcome the barriers of data-centric European SMEs and start-ups.

Startup founders already have an entire burden of launching and running an organization. At the same time, looking for an investor who could raise the capital is a tough task. Instead, founders should spend their time creating something people love, not researching investors and chasing intros. To solve one of the biggest issues for new startup founders, who might have a limited existing network, lot of online platforms have made their way in the web world to help startups connect with investors.

Today, Silicon Canals has created a list of online platforms that can be a great support for connecting or matchmaking the two. Take a look! It is an A. The fast, fun, and friendly user interface of the application matches investors with high quality founders of young companies that could lead to investment deals. Currently, the web-based application is dedicated for founders, and the iOS app is dedicated for Investors.

Further, it also acts a matchmaker for venture capitalists to crack a deal based on the desired criteria. Those looking for fund funds or investors, just need to register and share their profiles on VC Matchmaker by investid to find their perfect business match. Created by ex-founder of Nestpick acquired by Rocket Internet — Fabian Dudek — GlassDollar is an investor-discovery tool for start-ups and lists more than 10, VCs and Angels to help startup founders find investors.

The startup founders can create their profiles like a LinkedIn profile and can also upload their pitch-deck to GlassDollar.

5 amazing matchmaking sites for startups to connect with investors online

Get ticket. Ukraine Innovation Awards. The future of innovation is here.

Many of these companies were built with virtually no investment to get started, grew their business using negative capital they got from the matchmaker model.

One of the biggest barriers for financial investments on the Continent and across the Diaspora can be summarized in three words: trustworthiness, credibility and accountability. Finding targeted and reliable, real-time information in African markets is difficult and costly. Businesspeople and investors increasingly need targeted information about specific opportunities and challenges on the continent to make sound investment decisions and mitigate risks.

After confirmed registration, each mission member will submit a Statement of Qualifications Profile that will be used for matchmaking potential partners in the target country or location. With ever-increasingly sizzling African entrepreneurship scene, many individuals and Diaspora-owned firms are distributing resources among potential African start-ups and businesses.

The Council looks at the current investment landscape and invites leading entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses to catalyse more investments into the African entrepreneurship ecosystem. In our ongoing commitment to promote bilateral and multilateral trade relationships, the PAC trade missions will assist companies in finding overseas partners, license technology and aid in international expansion and market entry.

Missions are tailored around specific business opportunities relevant to our member companies. The agenda is designed to match these objectives with business opportunities existing in the targeted market via the introduction to and one-on-one meetings with key industry decision-makers and well-placed government officials. Participating companies receive market briefings from local experts and parliament members including ministers of trade and tourism, finance, operations, technology and education.

Market briefings are followed by site visits to key projects or to gain an understanding of how to do business in that market. This is a cost-effective opportunity to gain first-hand market information, save time and maximise international expansion results. Trade, Investment and Matchmaking Missions. Matchmaking Service.

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Through the investors. These online board matchmaking marketplace took. Upstart has been playing matchmaker for blackberry. Masha drokova, the.

Through the investors. These online board matchmaking marketplace took. Upstart has been playing matchmaker for blackberry. Masha drokova, the massachusetts institute of company. Find the next generation. Pitchbig hopes to unlock.

Tech Generation acts as an intern matchmaker between startups and students

This course will introduce, and help you put to use in your startup, the five models through which your customers can — and will, if you ask them! These five time-tested models have been put to use by entrepreneurial superstars like Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and more. Sadly, though, the five models are rarely talked about and not widely understood.

Until now! The five models will be brought to life by the real-world stories of an inspiring collection of incredibly creative entrepreneurs from around the world — including successes and failures — through a series of captivating no-holds-barred interviews with founders and others, and investors, too.

Investment | EDP Ventures. EDP Ventures is the venture capital arm of the EDP Group, focused on investments in early-stage startups that develop solutions/.

We are bringing Arctic15 success formula to Stockholm to create something new and fresh. Mixing Swedish growth companies and investors with their international counterparts to facilitate new DEALS to happen. It is efficient and worth your time. Join us in Stockholm for the exciting two days of action, friendship and participation.

Connect with movers and shakers of the Nordic tech ecosystem and experience Stockholm business scene in a new way! Arctic15 Follow. We’re attending Arctic15 Helsinki in – just got our tickets. As a way DAY 1 Feb.

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Growing a mid-market company can be very challenging. Ask any entrepreneur what keeps them up at night, and cash flow almost always makes the list. Growth sucks cash. So how can mid-market companies raise money and resources to expand? I s there a way though to raise capital for a business without the hassle and risks of VC money? There are five types of customer-funded models to raise capital without VC proven to exponentially grow the revenue for mid-market companies.

Investment platform Wholesale Investor has launched a new SaaS startup capital raising platform taking the hassle out of finding backers and.

More than people joined European tech funding summit Relevation to hear from industry experts, to network and to debate the issues facing the proptech industry today. Hosted on Hopin, the digital gathering aimed to replicate a traditional physical business-to-business event as far as possible. There were:. The extensive programme featured 16 fireside chat interviews and eight conference sessions with a total of 45 speakers taking part in all.

Relevation, standing for real estate elevation, was organised by Idriss Goossens, founder of the Belgian network Proptech Lab and Proptech House , the European network. Author and highly respected advisor, Dror Poleg, opened the two-day event with a global overview of the state of the venture landscape and how and why real estate buys tech — and why it sometimes does not. Robbie Antonio, founder of modular housing unicorn Revolution Precrafted, was also among the proptech founders speaking during the online gathering of startups and investors.

Attendees logged in from all over the world. Judging by the amazing positive feedback, it seems we over-performed and delivered a great event. I am proud of the team and looking forward to unveiling the next event. As a startup. If you are aiming to raise funds, Relevation is a one-of-a-kind partner. Join the two-day event, connect with investors, and let the magic happen: get a tailor-made onboarding by our team, get your personalised fundraising guide, get the database of the investors in order to prepare your interactions, engage smoothly with committed investors, create meaningful relations, achieve your fundraising.

As an investor.

VC pitch- Martin Mignot – Index Ventures